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Tanzania Oil and Gas Industry Technical and Vocational Skills Needs Survey 2016

December 10, 2015, 4:17 pm
Tanzania is at an unprecedented turning point. The manner in which the country manages its oil, natural gas, and mineral resources will determine the fate of the country for generations to come. The promise of broad, sustainable, inclusive social development and economic prosperity is within reach as Tanzania's natural resources are poised to lift millions out of poverty. However, despite this wealth, a bright future for all Tanzanians is still just over the horizon, and not a certainty.

In response, Petrogas Field Services Limited, a Tanzanian energy and petroleum consultancy and training company, has commissioned Kilimanjaro International, Inc., to undertake a comprehensive demand and supply survey of technical and vocational skills in the Tanzania oil and gas industry for the next 5 to 20 years. KI provides globally-informed, locally-tailored, and development-focused consulting services in Africa and beyond. We deliver customized, demand-driven solutions--affordable expertise, knowledge, skills, insights, methods, and technology designed to move clients from their present state to their preferred future. The Petrogas-KI engagement presents an exceptionally qualified team of experts in support of the drive to maximize the "development dividend" of the nation's extractives industry. This multi-faceted collaborative effort will productively involve all local and international stakeholders with the view to presenting a non-partisan independent set of findings.

Specifically, the survey, which is being funded through a uniquely creative set of win-win partnerships, sponsorships, and subscriptions aims at establishing the types and levels of technical and vocational skills available in the Tanzania oil and gas industry; taking stock of direct technical and vocational jobs skills requirements of the Tanzania oil and gas industry in the next 5 to 20 years; establishing the types and levels of technical and vocational skills offered locally for direct jobs in the Tanzania oil and gas industry; developing a detailed list of providers of technical and vocational skills for direct jobs in the Tanzania oil and gas industry; and establishing and recommending the most relevant strategies for providing required technical and vocational skills in the Tanzania oil and gas industry.

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Kilimanjaro International conducts training and study tours in Africa and beyond. The advantages to both are numerous.

For in-Africa training, obviously cost and logistics are easier to manage. In most cases, more people can be trained locally, allowing for a wider spread of information across your organization. On-site training and Study Tours here in Africa also offer the advantage of training in real-world operations and situations.

For training outside of Africa, the advantage is twofold. Firstly (and most obviously) we conduct outside training at locales pertinent to the material / sector. Training at an actual working facility similar to one being built in Africa is invaluable.

The secondary benefit is one of personal growth. When an individual experiences another culture firsthand, it's a transformative experience, and forever changes the individual for the better. Success is always helped by an open-minded worldview, and that rings true on both a personal level and an organizational one. Giving your people this gift pays tremendous results – we've seen it happen over and over.

Our Sector specific services map directly how the sectors interact with one another, state-owned corporations, private businesses, civil society, and the government. If you are in Aviation, Tourism, Railway, Ports, Marine and Roads, call us today!

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