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Five Differentiators That Drive KI's Value Proposition--TSAPP

  • Transformation - KI brings a sense of urgency to closing the human and institutional capacity development gap. We transform individuals, teams, organizations, institutions, industries, sectors and entire nations.
  • Savvy - KI is devoted to something greater than itself because our journey matches that of many of our clients: establishing organizational purpose, building sustainable growth, etc.
  • Agility - KI helps clients prepare for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Agility and adaptability are precursors to success in this turbulent, complex and fast-paced global environment.
  • Permanence - KI is permanently a local firm at home in Africa with assured continuity beyond any particular client engagements.
  • Positioning - KI positions or repositions clients for enduring success. We offer a model for the present and future of organizational improvement.

Emerging, developing, and transitioning countries in Africa and beyond can be vibrant engines of socio-economic opportunity for their citizens.

Progress against the traditional development vision has remained frustratingly slow for many countries and their citizens despite ongoing efforts of public, commercial, and civil society organizations. This is due largely to unfocused application of international best practice, lack of appreciation on how to leverage local know-how, and retreat to conventional methods that do not always engage relevant stakeholders effectively. Although reasonable in theory, best practice in one setting often proves ineffective, or even detrimental, in another. At the same time, local customs and content need to be respected, yet not allowed to impede change and advancement.

We work tirelessly to broaden the opportunities available in emerging, developing, and transitioning countries. Such opportunities derive most directly from foundational social, economic, and infrastructure change at a "macro" level. In our experience, however, these macro level improvements are built squarely upon a foundation of improved performance of contributing organizations (including public, commercial, and civil society) and individuals at the underlying "micro" level. Unfortunately the performance of any such organization cannot be assumed.

So this is where KI comes in - with an opportunity to deliver customized, demand-driven solutions--affordable expertise, knowledge, skills, insights, methods, and technology designed to move organizations and individuals from their present state to their preferred future.

Transformation: KI brings a sense of urgency to closing the human and institutional capacity development gap.

KI provides full service management consulting; training and study tours; staffing and human resources; logistics and event management; and sector-specific solutions. We are leading a new paradigm rooted in KI's Transformation Priority areas we call "The 10-P's Framework". We developed the 10-P's framework through our long experience both on the African soil and abroad. We've taken "what works" and adopted proven performance improvement approaches and tools including Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma and Lean Systems. A purely private company and solely dependent on its performance in a fiercely competitive marketplace for two decades, KI itself embodies versatility and has exceptional capabilities to deliver mission-critical Transformation, Savvy, Agility, Permanence, and Positioning (TSAPP) solutions to a vast array of clientele.

We serve African public, commercial, and civil society organizations--both locally and internationally. When such entities seek to build the organizational, institutional and people capacity required to achieve maximum transformation, we are there with both local and global talent to provide high quality technical assistance. When they demand accountability, transparency, and integrity in their interactions with citizens, businesses, and consumers, we partner with them. We are there with an array of services that focus on enduring impact--sustainable social inclusion, economic development, and institutional ability to create wealth for societies and citizens.

Savvy: KI is devoted to something greater than itself because our company's journey matches that of many organizations in the countries where we work... we are looking optimistically to the next 20 years (and beyond...).

KI is itself a corporate development success story and we have lived the organizational improvement journey firsthand. Indeed, our company has gone through similar development phases - e.g., determining market need, establishing organizational purpose, building sustainable growth, providing income and hope to staff and others - as that of many of our clients.

We have succeeded because KI works in a unique way and integrates global perspective and local capability. Being directly involved in organizational improvement initiatives for 20 years, we have observed traditional approaches often fail to yield sufficient results because they overly rely on either (1) international best practice ("this is the way it should be done") or (2) local know-how ("this is the way we have always done it"). We believe in a third way - that improvement in emerging, developing, and transitioning country organizations is maximized when international best practice is merged thoughtfully with local content and know-how. Moreover, we have found that organizational performance is sustained if, and only if, local capability development is a primary derivative of any intervention. As a result, across services we help organizations create their own best practice - which proves in the long run to be much more effective, differentiable, and sustainable.

KI is an established, growing firm with a 20-year proven track record enjoying a foothold and reputation within the growing organizational improvement space in Africa and beyond. Because of our results-driven approach, we have enjoyed steady growth - first in the training marketplace, followed by small consulting and logistics projects, then expanding to complex multi-year, multi-million dollar consulting and sector-specific engagements. KI has over time reached stable maturity - it has many ongoing projects, a reputation 
for excellence, and member firms in Africa, the United States of America and around the globe. Indeed, KI has a reputation with clients of all types for high quality, thoughtful, value-added support serving many African governments, businesses, non-profits, multinational corporations, international NGOs, and development partners.

Always adapting, KI has succeeded in retaining its traditional and ever-growing client-base and advance in new market territories - through service segmentation, sectoral breadth, product depth, and geographical expansion in core businesses and within target markets. Based on the scale, scope, geography, and history of our operational focus, we are able to act in the market very much like, but, more nimbly than other international firms operating in Africa. We are humbled to realize that in the last 20 years we have helped numerous organizations and individuals capture a slice of the development and performance improvement promise. We remain steadfast in our determination to add value to our current and future clients. Join us as we help to build a brighter future for citizens in emerging, developing, and transitioning countries in Africa and beyond. Indeed, the promise of tomorrow comes from the results we achieve today!

Agility: KI evolves continuously but understands that there are certain development and performance improvement paradigms that are simply timeless.

KI has enjoyed steady growth over 20 years. Even though we are stable, we remain agile. We continue to adapt to the needs of the market and in recent years have refined our services to meet many of the new challenges faced by all organizations including, but not limited to, ensuring seamless preparedness for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Additionally, we have added specific lines of business to focus on the unique needs of different sectors and industries. At KI, we believe that agility and adaptability are precursors to success in this turbulent, complex and fast-paced global environment.

Fortunately, agility and adaptability are learned behaviors and therefore we base our offerings not only on what clients ask from us today but what they will need tomorrow. Of course, we continue to evolve over time because we too are a learning organization. We can because we are looking ahead alongside the client; not just assuming the client is always prepared and anticipating emerging needs in and of itself. Our clients are successful because of our diagnostics and delivery of forward-thinking consulting services and just-in-time technical training.

We also believe that there are some timeless concepts that simply never lose relevance - for instance, areas per which all organizations (public, commercial, or civil society) must consider, analyze, and address in improving performance. To this end, we have created our own proprietary, "10 P" Framework, which serves as a roadmap of priorities (these include perspective, plan, proposition, procedures, projects, people, presentation, partners, performance, and persistence) against which all organizations should pay attention.

Permanency – KI is intrinsically concerned about, and really listens to, our clients and the communities in which we work.

Often we hear: "business is all about relationships." However, we take this adage seriously and to the next level. Like any for-profit business we are happy to transact with an organization in a one-off fashion if there is something we can do (ethically of course) to assist in improving results. But our underlying aspirations run deeper and stronger. We listen to our customers and treat them with respect and honor in the sincere hope of building ongoing relationships.

Ultimately, KI's value to its clients is not simply in "what we do" but in "what they become" after working with us. Organizational improvement is more than just consulting or training for skills, it is also an expansion of the culture of responsibility and confidence to make individuals, institutions, and nations better for all.

Positioning – KI is unlike other professional services firms in that we offer a model for the present and future of organizational improvement in emerging, developing, and transitioning countries.

KI provides full service management consulting, training/study tours, staffing, logistics, and sector-specific services solutions. We operate both locally and internationally bringing in ideas from all over the globe. KI is one of only a few international professional services firms with deep-seated ties to Africa as well as seamless access to international expertise. Over time, KI has succeeded in retaining its current client-base and advance in new market territories – through service segmentation, sectoral breadth, product depth, and geographical expansion in core businesses and within target markets.

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KI's Transformation Framework--The 10-Ps

We are leading a new paradigm shift rooted in KI's transformation approach built upon ten customizable and scalable priority areas we call "The 10-P's Framework". -- Perspective, Plan, Proposition, Procedures, Projects, People, Presentation, Partners, Performance, and Persistence. We outline these in the graphic below, but we wish to say a few words about this as well, because it matters. Read More.

The World is Looking to Africa for Opportunity

The world's oldest inhabited continent is experiencing a Global Rebirth, and Kilimanjaro International (KI) is right here with the people, plans, and perspective--delivering creative insight, informed direction, and enduring impact...

Sector Specific Services

KI's sector-specific strategy has been an increasingly important component of our core business. We work with clients of nearly any industry, developing and implementing approaches that yield results. In each sector, we've identified the unique differentiators and drivers, and have become indisputable experts at recognizing trends, challenges, risks, and how certain actions impact future scenarios.

Management Consulting
We have a unique approach that incorporates our own proprietary 10-P framework with industry best practices to achieve measurable, sustainable results. Read More.

Training and Study Tours
Skilled, confident leaders and knowledgeable people are the key to success. KI's hands-on, retention-based training makes a clear difference.Read More.

KI delivers logistical solutions and holds high-level events across continents, and being Africans ourselves, we know Africa and its perspective intimately. We have the skill, experience, and contacts to ensure success.Read More.

Sector Specific Services
We provide services and local assets to a variety of industries: Public Sector, Energy, Oil & Gas and LNG, Agriculture, Education, Financial, Health, Mining, Revenue, Legal and others. Read More.

Our Sector specific services map directly how the sectors interact with one another, state-owned corporations, private businesses, civil society, and the government. If you are in Aviation, Tourism, Railway, Ports, Marine and Roads, call us today!

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