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To support our focus on advancing local capabilities and interests, our company is composed of member firms with a common brand name "Kilimanjaro International." Our member firms maintain this valuable affiliation while operating as separate and independent entities under the laws of the country in which they are incorporated. This structure means that our local leadership, management and operations staff consists of homegrown talent with access to top-notch international experts, as projects require. This structure also means that the local clients benefit when KI global is involved in a project (which is vital to our business methodology).

Local Expertise Matters

Because of our emphasis on leveraging and training local talent, we have a comparative advantage in promoting sustainable development in Africa. It also means that our efforts are trusted and well-received locally (we can't begin to tell you how important this is.)

The local populace values KI as a vehicle of economic growth and prosperity. Clients value KI as a long-term development partner who can respond quickly using an extensive network of indigenous African experts who have worked in-house for respected public, commercial and civil society organizations. And we support this local talent with international expertise when necessary. This could take the form of further training individuals, bringing in experts from abroad, or a combination of both. The important part is that the local aspect is always valued, and every effort is made to foster personal growth in individuals, so they can share that knowledge with others in the future.

Our member firms, all organized on this model of local management combined with appropriate international expertise, now operate in several countries including Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, and Ethiopia -- and we are strategically reaching out to more nations within Africa and beyond.

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KI prides itself on stability, both within the company itself, and in the lines of business and projects in which we engage.

It's a testament to our core belief that when the local populace has a true stake in the outcome, the outcome is always--without exception--superior.

Our methodology of utilizing and training local talent also pays off when the project ends, as knowledge and skills endure, and are passed onward. Stronger people make stronger countries.

This leads to long-term stability that gets more ingrained every day, week, month, and year. We've seen it time and time again, and we live it with every project we undertake.

Our Sector specific services map directly how the sectors interact with one another, state-owned corporations, private businesses, civil society, and the government. If you are in Aviation, Tourism, Railway, Ports, Marine and Roads, call us today!

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