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Our Philosophy

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In reading our website, it is apparent how important concepts like mission and values are to us. This is not simply corporate-speak - it is vital to a company that strives for a mutually beneficial outcome for both our clients and the local populace. Indeed, we are often engaged by clients because of this balance, so it is very necessary that our values and mission are apparent.

To provide globally-informed, locally-tailored professional services solutions in emerging, developing, and transitioning countries in Africa and beyond.

To play a meaningful role in transforming public, commercial, and civil society organizations through creative insight, informed direction, and enduring impact.

KI's values offer a clear guide to how our company works and acts in achieving goals - both our own and our client partners. These values can be summed up with the acronym SOAR, which is ideal given the nature of our uplifting vision and company name.

  • Service - Work tirelessly to encourage relationships based on trust and care so that everyone succeeds in the spirit of partnership. KI brings an acute sense of determination to every project, and we desire to impact and inspire others positively so that, working together, extraordinary results (as well as organizational goals) are achieved.
  • Openness -Seek to uphold ethical standards transparently, because we all have to live with the outcomes of our work. We understand deeply that KI has a special commitment to the long-term success of our engagements, and we do not modify our standards or cut corners for any reason.
  • Advancement - Aspire to be the best we can be, and always working towards continuous improvement. We have a clear desire to drive outcomes by being productive, effective, and standard setting. Yet our desire to leave a supportive, results-laden legacy is always more important to us than short-term, fleeting rewards. We want to be remembered, but it's more important for those we've worked with to leave their own positive legacy.
  • Respect - Embrace diversity, bolster dignity, and practice active listening - these are vital. KI is proud of what it offers, but we understand that the work is certainly not all about "us"; it is about "we". From clients to partners to citizens to other stakeholders, we engage humbly with an open mind and an open heart.

Operational Focus
KI is a full service provider of Management Consulting; Training & Study Tours; Logistics & Event Management; Staffing & Human Resource; and Sector Specific solutions. Across service lines, we blend technical competence with forward-thinking leadership and local context to accelerate progress toward maximum organizational and individual potential.

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A Personal Belief

Much of our philosophy comes straight from our founder, Greyson Kiondo. This excerpt from an interview with him makes plain how we envision our involvement.

"My family and I have to live with the outcomes of our interventions," says Kiondo. "Thus, we have a special commitment to the long-term success of our engagements. Our clients have a direct influence on the quality of our every-day life."

"We have been able to develop our own unique problem-solving approach, namely, "The 10-P Framework" that has resulted in satisfied customers, staff, suppliers, development partners, and other stakeholders." Kiondo reports.

"Also, I can tell you firsthand that KI's local staff and consultants have benefited immensely by the opportunities presented. Increasingly, they are contributing to their home country's economic growth, political stability, and social security; self-reliance and self-respect; and freedom from debilitating poverty."

"The best hope for emerging, developing and transitioning countries is the growth of highly educated, skilled and dedicated local subject-matter-experts who can lead the transformation effort. I envisioned that possibility as I put the company together 20 years ago," Kiondo concludes.

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