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The KI Value Zone--What Makes Us Unique

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Always leading, KI is decidedly an international African firm with deep roots in Africa and a corporate footprint in multiple African countries. It was founded 20 years ago in New York by Greyson L. Kiondo (then a Tanzanian student studying in the US); and it has main offices in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Washington, DC., United States of America.

KI is a full service provider of Management Consulting; Training & Study Tours; Logistics & Event Management; Staffing & Human Resource; and Sector Specific solutions.

We are proactively leading a new paradigm shift rooted in KI's Transformation Priority approach we call "The 10-P's Framework". We leverage Five Differentiators that drive KI's Value Proposition (TSAPP); VUCA Preparedness model; and Value-Zone competitive positioning to deliver enduring impact. We developed this framework through our long experience both on the African soil and abroad. We've taken "what works" and adopted proven performance improvement approaches and tools including Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, and Lean Systems.

We have mastered the art of creative disruption, which has resulted in KI's sustainable business trajectory for 20 years now--and still counting. We have a solid track record of credibility; and a reputation for superior quality. As our company name suggests, we occupies the most soaring position within our target market. KI enjoys unique competitive advantages over many of its local and international rivals on the African soil based on its exceptional operational history, scale, scope, and geography.

We have succeeded because of our well-established local assets, homegrown talent, and international expertise. We have unparalleled local capability and global perspective, which allow us to deliver a wide variety of client-owned solutions informed by global best practices tailored to the local reality.

KI is a values-driven company, emphasizing integrity, transparency, and a visible commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals while also providing opportunities for our local staff to learn, grow and succeed. Summarily, KI combines four factors that ensure our soaring market position:

  1. Deep Seated Local Ties - We are an African company, with roots firmly planted here. We have seen Africa emerge as a serious player on the world stage, and we have helped foster that development - the right way. But there is still much work to be done, and local expertise is paramount to success in this corner of the world. We know the land, the people, the leaders, and the customs.

  2. Long Established International Experience - As stated, we are an African company that possesses a wide-ranging global reach. For the past 20 years, we have developed partnerships with the best the world has to offer to ensure success in our client-engagements. Whether it's bringing in a specific industry expertise to help with a local project, conducting training or study tours, or assisting a global enterprise locally, KI is a portal to the world--leveraging our unmatched history, scale, scope, and geography in emerging, developing and transitioning countries in Africa and beyond.

  3. Values and Beliefs - We believe in mutual respect, and we embrace empowerment, fairness, and teamwork. Our value system can be summed up in the acronym SOAR - Service, Openness, Advancement, and Respect.

  4. Scope of Service - We combine the capability and global reach of a large management consulting and training company with the intimacy of a local organization. Our member-firm structure allows us to truly know the lay of the land locally, while still offering the benefits and support of international expertise.

Primarily serving public, commercial, and civil society organizations, KI delivers customized, demand-driven solutions--affordable expertise, knowledge, skills, insights, methods, and technology designed to move client-organizations from their present state to their preferred future.

For example, KI partners with its clients to examine their human resource and organizational development gaps--by analyzing current performance, identifying gaps, determining causes, and selecting from a wide variety of performance improvement measures. Then we help in the transition from newly acquired expertise, knowledge, skills, and systems to effecting bottom-line results.

This unique approach allows our clients to examine their missions, concentrate scarce resources on key success drivers, align operational architecture with business objectives, and focus on overall performance improvement solutions rather than on ad hoc issues. We bring a unique appreciation of and commitment to the local culture and habits that enable solutions to meet local requirements and improvements to be sustained.

KI has steadily gained more of the African market share in the professional services industry resulting in increased revenues and profits--over the past two decades. Naturally, when that happens to forward-thinking companies like KI, management gets bonuses; shareholders get dividends; investors see their share price go up; workers see their wages increase; and everyone's happy.

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At Home And Abroad

Kilimanjaro International conducts training and study tours in Africa and beyond. The advantages to both are numerous.

For in-Africa training, obviously cost and logistics are easier to manage. In most cases, more people can be trained locally, allowing for a wider spread of information across your organization. On-site training and Study Tours here in Africa also offer the advantage of training in real-world operations and situations.

For training outside of Africa, the advantage is twofold. Firstly (and most obviously) we conduct outside training at locales pertinent to the material / sector. Training at an actual working facility similar to one being built in Africa is invaluable.

The secondary benefit is one of personal growth. When an individual experiences another culture firsthand, it's a transformative experience, and forever changes the individual for the better. Success is always helped by an open-minded worldview, and that rings true on both a personal level and an organizational one. Giving your people this gift pays tremendous results – we've seen it happen over and over.

Is performance improvement crucial in government? Is training important for the government while there is no profit measurement? Who should be trained and in what? What does training add to the education a person already has?
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