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Who We Are

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In reading about us, knowing "who we are" is vital. Not so much in an individual level--core staff and key consultant sense, but in the bigger picture. We work on important matters that directly impact the people, locales and (to a larger extent) the very countries we work in, and we cannot do it alone. Hence, KI is a human place--where people are our greatest assets. "Who" and "how" we hire mirrors "who we are"--and ultimately determines whom we will deploy to work on your project when you engage us. That's truly what matters most to our customers.

Our streamlined project teams are richly diverse groups of professionals with sound educational credentials, cutting--edge skills, and practical experience. We apply pioneering thought leadership and advance exciting and innovative ideas. At the same time, we foster a creative collaboration that makes big ideas real and useful, giving our clients new approaches to their most pressing challenges and helping them prepare for what's next.

We bring to clients a focus on solution acceptance. Effective solutions combine quality thinking and acceptance by the organization. Quality thinking alone does not bring about transformation. Our experts begin where clients are now and help them move toward their preferred future. Transformation does not happen overnight, and we focus on the need to begin the process, be patient, and have faith that success will be achieved over time.

We have developed a remarkably effective mechanism for feeding our growth with both seasoned and new talent. This says something about our savvy approach to hiring. We seek out and thrive on local talent, and people with ambition and ideas. Proven skills are always important, but they can also be learned, so while we indeed hire those with abilities that projects require, we also value people with service--oriented interpersonal skills, a determination to succeed, a willingness to learn, and an optimistic outlook. We've been creating positive change for years, so we desire people who truly want to be a part of that.

We make calculated decisions about whom to retain for long--term growth of the firm -- not just whoever is available, but the brightest, most affable of our experienced and young consultants and trainers. We hire personnel in a variety of ways that best meet their (and our) needs. From the C--suite staffers (CEO, COO, CFO and CSO) to entire departments and streamlined project teams, the majority of our personnel are permanent staffers, consultants and trainers. Other individuals and small companies are hired on a contract basis (external consultants, trainers, and workers). As stated, we hire both highly skilled individuals, and those who have the will to learn -- we're truly about opportunity.

Our Structure
KI has a core of excellent, people--oriented individuals with talents across a broad spectrum of skills. From project management to technology to logistics to anything else, we're well--suited to hit the ground running. We employ leaders, managers, subject--matter--experts, consultants, advisors, trainers, and general workers, and are able to make an immediate impact.

Augmenting our in--house staff in our various offices is our collaborative external workforce. This ranges from trusted local partners (either individuals or companies) that have specific credentials to industry experts from both Africa and beyond. KI enjoys well-established business relationships with trusted, skilled individuals and partner firms across the globe, and is able to procure specific knowledge and technologies that make almost any challenge solvable.

Our workforce -- both internal and external -- has been assembled and cultivated over years and even decades. From prominent African experts who share our vision to talent from other nations, our access to expertise, knowledge and technology is virtually without limit, regardless of industry or project scope.

At KI, we enjoy healthy networks of informal relationships across the firm, which reflects an organization with few distinctions between junior and senior people. But of course there are clusters around geography, client, and specialty, which map directly to KI's spiraling business trajectory. In the end, when you engage with KI, you engage with the best -- in Africa, and beyond!

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A Future Thought

While we are obviously proud of our history, we always have an eye on the future, as that's where our destiny will truly be shaped.

Africa has made enormous developments over the past several decades. Increased transparency and oversight in natural resource extraction, engaged people and governments, growing infrastructure, and international interests--it's all coming together, and is rapidly bringing unprecedented change across Africa.

KI helps foster this enormous change from all sides. We bring global perspective to Africa, we introduce African perspective and talent to the world, and we help bridge the channel wherever the two meet.

We work for future success--for everyone involved.

Is performance improvement crucial in government? Is training important for the government while there is no profit measurement? Who should be trained and in what? What does training add to the education a person already has?
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