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Management Consulting

Business Model
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Always adapting, we are leading a new management consulting paradigm rooted in KI's transformation approach, which is built upon ten customizable and scalable priority areas we call "The 10-P's Framework". - Perspective, Plan, Proposition, Procedure, Projects, People, Presentation, Partners, Performance, and Persistence. We outline these in the graphic below, but we wish to say a few words about this as well, because it matters.

We developed this framework through our long experience both on the African soil and abroad. We've taken "what works" and adopted the proven core performance improvement principles and tools including the Balanced Scorecard, Sigma Six, and Lean Systems. But we also realize every organization and client is unique, and we are flexible in our approach (the first three P's address this - who you are, where you fit, where do you want to go, and how to get there).

The next five P's represent the nuts and bolts of any transformation initiative, and encompass the work and implementation. But it's the last two where the real results come into focus. Performance is measured, and a framework of checks and balances for future success is installed. Because, like the organizations that hire us, we're interested in permanency and long-term prosperity.

Tried and Trusted

The core of our business is management consulting. We have been delivering savvy client-owned solutions for 20 years now. We blend a forward thinking, best-practices leadership style with technical prowess, which affords our clients a fresh-yet-proven perspective that takes into account both today and tomorrow. We combine this line of thinking with roots firmly planted in Africa, ensuring engaged clients (and stakeholders) that have a clear stake in the outcome. This "win / win / win" proposition is our hallmark, and why our projects have an astoundingly high rate of success.

We ask the right questions, such as:

1. What are the top priorities in achieving success?
2. How do we go about addressing them?
3. How can our (KI's) past experiences, both local and global, help guide our client through these priorities?
4. What does the future hold? What have we seen before, and what can we expect?

But more important than asking the right question is the actual implementation of ideas. Talk and plans are wonderful, but it's in the actual "doing" that the magic really happens. This is what really sets us apart as a consulting firm - we don't just "tell" - we actually "do". We'll look at all angles, utilize our vast experience (both at home and globally), recommend a course of action, and then we'll really surprise you by standing shoulder to shoulder with you, ensuring the project is implemented.

If you want the best that Africa has to offer, as well as the best of the world, then you want KI by your side.

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Balancing It All

We believe both in proven methodology and that innovative spirit that sparks many projects. From KI's 10-P Framework to Balanced Scorecard to Six Sigma and Lean Systems, we look to balance these together for a Management Consulting style that is unique to us.

When you combine international best practices with local expertise, and keep the door open to new ideas from engaged personnel, you foster a fertile environment for successful endeavors.

What are your most pressing organizational challenges right now or in the near future? Are you facing the challenge of delivering bigger and better results with constrained financial resources? Building staff capacity in certain functional disciplines? Continuous improvement through the relentless elimination of waste? We can design and implement a Lean Strategy for any type of organization--companies, government and non-profits.

From the smallest project to those spanning years and borders, we're ready to help you succeed.

Our Sector specific services map directly how the sectors interact with one another, state-owned corporations, private businesses, civil society, and the government. If you are in Aviation, Tourism, Railway, Ports, Marine and Roads, call us today!

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