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Sector Specific Services

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KI's sector-specific strategy has been an increasingly important component of our core business. Of course, we didn't always have sector-specific expertise like we do today - these specific lines of proficiency developed organically, one project at a time, over the past two decades. We work with clients of nearly any industry, developing and implementing approaches that yield results. As a result, we are routinely engaged to offer deep, detailed knowledge in certain industries within these sectors.

Strategically, our services in this domain map directly how the sectors interact with one another, state-owned corporations, private businesses, civil society, and the government through a plethora of regulations and institutional oversight responsibility. We provide the needed industry-leading management consulting and technology to better serve communities and entire populations.

We classify these on this page because it's important for potential clients to understand that in each of these sectors, our knowledge (and therefore, services performed) goes beyond staffing, logistics, training and similar. In each sector, we've identified the unique differentiators and drivers, and have become indisputable experts at recognizing trends, challenges, risks, and how certain actions impact future scenarios.

To give one small example, our sector expertise in agriculture and education is why organizations like USAID, USADF, and Ohio State University have engaged KI to support agricultural development, poverty alleviation, and teaching methodology improvements in science and mathematics subjects in Tanzania and Burundi.

KI's Key Sector Concentration:

Agriculture - - A strong source of employment and income for many African nations, this sector is a prime economic growth engine, with many moving parts and interested entities.

Education - A vital pillar for national growth and prosperity, the education sector is diverse, and touches people of all ages.

Energy - Obviously electricity is as essential for industrial development in all countries. But in many African nations without long-term established grids, energy reliability also entails the application of geothermal and related renewable energy sources.

Financial - Strong, stable financials equals strong, stable economies. The financial sector is broad and complex, spanning from commercial/central banks to pensions to insurance companies and more.

Health - We've worked hard to help promote a healthier Africa, but realize much work needs to be done, and we're prepared to lead.

Legal - Legal and regulatory reform and human rights improvement are areas where daily strides are being made. Help is needed to navigate the sometimes incoherent legal systems, and KI provides it.

Mining - Africa is mineral-rich. Thus, the extractive industry remains important to the countries and localities where the minerals reside, as well as companies engaged in this sector.

Petroleum & LNG Recent hydrocarbons discoveries in East Africa and elsewhere have driven remarkable growth in this sector. International Oil Companies have taken notice and set up local offices; and localities see the promise of improved income and quality of life. KI helps bridge the two.

Public Service Any nation, no matter how well developed, will have a myriad of ongoing social and economic infrastructure improvement projects. Democracy, governance, performance management, and reforms depend on it.

Revenue - We treat this as a separate sector given the unique challenges inherent in modernizing revenue/tax administration systems in the countries where we work.

If you are involved in any of these sectors (or perhaps a cross section of a few), we'd be happy to discuss our sector specific services and thoughts on each.

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Sector Specific Services

We've been asked before "wait...I need expertise for an operation in's for restructuring an agricultural university. Which services do I need, your sector specific, or staffing?"

The answer is you'll get both. We list sector specific services to spotlight industries we've had extensive experience in, and perhaps highlight why we're an ideal choice if you happen to operate within any of these sectors. This is because we have enough experience within these sectors to isolate drivers, identify trends, and advise of pitfalls, all specific to and within the unique sector (for example, hiring people for an LNG endeavor is different from staffing a public health office, and we can show you precisely how and why.) In the end, if you're reading our website and thinking "can KI help me", the answer is yes.

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