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Staffing & Human Resources

Training Program

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KI's staffing solutions round out our other service offerings by providing clients with the exact level of personnel they require, at the skill levels they need. Our services fit any size and type of entity--local, regional or multinational, we can help you. Like most organizations, you are probably looking to cut costs in any way possible. One of the more common ways is via outsourcing, which eliminates the need for more costly full-time positions. Outsourcing provides an opportunity to get the help you need for your organization, without the worry about salaries, benefits and office space for new employees.

Many multinationals struggle with growth and or profitability in their traditional markets. Globalization presents unparalleled business opportunities. If you are considering establishing a footprint in Africa or you already have one, contact us. There's a critical gap between global aspirations and the ability to execute global strategies locally. A good strategy is not good enough. A reliable and affordable local partner with global capabilities is part of the solution--hence KI is here to help.

We are committed to deploying high quality resources, knowledge, and products to create value and improve operational excellence for our clients. Whether it is helping with a simple administrative matter or outsourcing an entire function such as operations management of a natural gas plant or an oil-drilling rig, we can help. Whenever possible, we draw our talent from the local labor market, which helps ensure a strong local commitment to your endeavors.

Here are some of the staffing solutions KI can help you with:

  • General Workers of Various Skill Levels - From unskilled labor to rig mechanics, electricians, instrumentation technicians, heavy plant operators, pipe-fitters, boiler mechanics and more, we cover any need, from one person to several hundreds.

  • General Office Workers - Clerical, logistical, administrative, customer service, data entry, general office staff.

  • Professional Office Staff - Human resources, petroleum engineers, geoscientists, advertising, marketing, designers, accounting, finance, and more.

  • Technology Experts - Web layout and graphics design, IT services, networking experts, etc.

  • Managerial and Executive Level Professional - From team leaders to middle management to C-suite level executives, we have the professional staff you require.

  • Specialists - This is an area where we truly shine, and one that sets us apart. Sometimes, specific experts with specialized skills and knowledge are necessary for a project. Perhaps you require a petroleum pipeline installation expert, or a consultant who specializes in building public housing, or an environmental professional who measures the environmental impact of specific operations... we have vetted talent pools that range from local to international experts, and we're fully capable of bringing in the exact knowledge required.

You need not worry about staff with your projects in Africa. KI will provide the people you need, from temporary contract workers to full-time employees. Whether you need one person or several hundreds, we're ready to serve, and allow you to focus on your core business processes or hit the ground running--if you are new in Africa.

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Staffing & Human Resources

Besides offering staff of all skill levels and capabilities, we are also a training company. This means we can provide you with staff that is trained to your specific needs.

We can work with you and develop a training program for new hires, whether it's for specific jobs, an overview of your company culture, or a combination of such.

It's also worth mentioning again that the local talent is utilized whenever possible. This is an important factor in energizing the community's support, which helps not only everyone involved, but also makes a successful outcome far more likely. There's no real secret to this - when everyone feels engaged and involved, success is almost certain.

Is performance improvement crucial in government? Is training important for the government while there is no profit measurement? Who should be trained and in what? What does training add to the education a person already has?
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