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Public, Non-Profits & Civil Society

Natural Habitat
(Acacia Tree for
Density & Strength)
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  • Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs)

  • State Corporations

  • Parastatal Organizations

  • African Development Bank (ADB)

  • US Government: (Agency for International Development (USAID); Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC); African Development Foundation (USADF); Department of State (DOS); Human & Health Services (HHS); Department of Defense (DOD); Trade Development Agency (TDA); Department of Agriculture (USDA); Department of Commerce (DOC); Department of Transportation (DOT); and Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

  • The World Bank (WB)

  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

  • Department for International Development (DFID)

  • Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

  • New York City Department of Investigation (NYC-DOI)

  • Think-Tanks (social, economic and political research bodies)

  • Ohio State University

  • Sokoine University of Agriculture

  • University of California at San Francisco

  • New York University

  • North Carolina State University

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • Harvard University

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At Home And Abroad

Kilimanjaro International conducts training and study tours in Africa and beyond. The advantages to both are numerous.

For in-Africa training, obviously cost and logistics are easier to manage. In most cases, more people can be trained locally, allowing for a wider spread of information across your organization. On-site training and Study Tours here in Africa also offer the advantage of training in real-world operations and situations.

For training outside of Africa, the advantage is twofold. Firstly (and most obviously) we conduct outside training at locales pertinent to the material / sector. Training at an actual working facility similar to one being built in Africa is invaluable.

The secondary benefit is one of personal growth. When an individual experiences another culture firsthand, it's a transformative experience, and forever changes the individual for the better. Success is always helped by an open-minded worldview, and that rings true on both a personal level and an organizational one. Giving your people this gift pays tremendous results – we've seen it happen over and over.

Our Sector specific services map directly how the sectors interact with one another, state-owned corporations, private businesses, civil society, and the government. If you are in Aviation, Tourism, Railway, Ports, Marine and Roads, call us today!

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