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Current/Recent Logistics & Event Management Projects

Executive Ground

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Due to the large number of completed and on-going projects, we are simply unable to provide a detailed account of every client-engagement in a website. We will be happy to provide verifiable, specific names of clients; contact information; contract numbers, contract amounts, engagements duration; countries of performance; past performance assessments/evaluations by clients/third-parties; contact persons; and any other information as required.

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Logistics & Event Management

Of course, our logistics and event management services help local organizations here in Africa, but a key component is the "crossing borders" aspect as well. Meaning if you need help here, and you're not from here, we're a perfect partner.

We've successfully conducted events of all sizes in the following countries: Tanzania, the United States, Ghana, Burundi, Uganda, Malaysia, Singapore, Rwanda, Mauritius, Ethiopia, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And the list continually grows.

In each and every event, unique challenges were recognized and solved, and local customs were honored (which is paramount when operating in foreign lands.)

While we are obviously proud of our history, we always have an eye on the future, as that's where our destiny will truly be shaped.

Africa has made enormous developments over the past several decades. Increased transparency and oversight in natural resource extraction, engaged people and governments, growing infrastructure, and international interests -- it's all coming together, and is rapidly bringing unprecedented change across Africa.

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