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Enterprise Risk Mitigation, Quality Management and University Restructuring Consultancy-

Retained by a leading US Land Grant University, KI recently implemented an Enterprise Risk Mitigation consultancy. This Quality Management program aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes at a leading agriculture university in Tanzania in the areas of (1) procurement, (2) accounting and auditing, (3) asset management, and (4) project management. In implementing the project, KI identified and applied cutting-edge learning methodology involving training and non-training interventions focused on developing the following skills and capacities: (1) critical thinking, (2) management, including delegation and monitoring of performance, (3) customer service, (4) problem-solving, and (5) communication and report writing.

Our value-add client relationship management approach has allowed KI to grow into one of this client's most longstanding delivery partners. We first began by providing staffing and human resource management services, then helping them and their USAID funded innovative agricultural research initiative deliver a world-class, multi-course Quality Management Training Program (QMTP) to now assisting the university with a complex restructuring. KI is the consultant helping with the transformation of the Faculty of Agriculture to the College of Agriculture and School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

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We believe both in proven methodology and that innovative spirit that sparks many projects. At KI, we look to balance these together for a Management Consulting style that is unique to us.

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