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Current/Recent Sector Specific Projects

Growing Local
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By way of illustration and not limitation, KI has a 5-year contract with USAID Tanzania. Feed the Future (FtF) is a major U.S. Government program that aims to address the root causes of global hunger by sustainably increasing agricultural productivity to meet the demand for food, strengthening agricultural markets, increasing incomes for the poor to meet their food and other household needs, and reducing malnutrition. The consultancies cut across an array of agricultural and economic growth activities and consist of studies, sector analysis, evaluations and impact assessments, activity designs, and management support. The Office of Agriculture and Food Security will supervise and manage the implementation of an integrated program of agriculture and economic growth activities to advance FtF goals and objectives. Major program interventions in the FtF portfolio include: (1) development of the value chains for priority staple grains and horticultural products; (2) improvements in irrigation and rural road infrastructure; (3) expansion of the agro-processing sector; (4) creating an enabling policy environment to support sector investment; and (5) establishing strategic partnerships between the U.S. Land Grant university community and Tanzanian agricultural training and research institutions for collaborative research and capacity building.

Due to the large number of completed and on-going projects, we are simply unable to provide a detailed account of every client-engagement in a website. We will be happy to provide verifiable, specific names of clients; contact information; contact numbers, contract amounts, engagements duration; countries of performance; past performance assessments/evaluations by clients/third-parties; contact persons; and any other information as required.

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At Home And Abroad

Kilimanjaro International conducts training and study tours in Africa and beyond. The advantages to both are numerous.

For in-Africa training, obviously cost and logistics are easier to manage. In most cases, more people can be trained locally, allowing for a wider spread of information across your organization. On-site training and Study Tours here in Africa also offer the advantage of training in real-world operations and situations.

For training outside of Africa, the advantage is twofold. Firstly (and most obviously) we conduct outside training at locales pertinent to the material / sector. Training at an actual working facility similar to one being built in Africa is invaluable.

The secondary benefit is one of personal growth. When an individual experiences another culture firsthand, it's a transformative experience, and forever changes the individual for the better. Success is always helped by an open-minded worldview, and that rings true on both a personal level and an organizational one. Giving your people this gift pays tremendous results – we've seen it happen over and over.

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